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Links we find important or useful

A few FAQs

A FAQ on reddit about plurality

a FAQ on tumblr about plurality

A Number of Plural Dictionaries

A quick-reference carrd

An easily searchable google site

A Reddit glossary about Tulpas

A website with a vast number of terms

Pluralpedia, a wiki with pages on a vast number of system terms. If you're trying to understand a term not mentioned in our glossary, check here!

A Few Databases About Plurality

A directory with tons of helpful links for plurals

A good starter site with information on what plurality is and how to tell if you're plural.

A website with a vast number of resources on being plural, it even offers courses to help with plurality

Some Research On Systems

A website with a great deal of scientific research on DID

A scientific site with information about about dissociative disorders in general

Information about Endogenic and Non-Disordered Systems

A post about the origins of the term 'endogenic'

A well-worded explanation with sources to refute the idea that endogenic systems can't be real

A scientific paper that studies multiplicity and talks about the spectrum of non-disordered to disordered systems

A separate link to the above study in case either is down

An article about non-disordered plurality

Other Useful Links

A google doc dedicated to finding resources on endogenic/non-traumagenic/non-disordered systems

a flowchart website to help figure out who's fronting

a list of tone indicators

a website to modify pluralkit members off of discord

notebook for systems based in the terminal, which allows multiple users on the same OS user

a website to register switches in pluralkit outside of discord

A carrd with basic information about systems to help new headmates get accustomed to the place they've found themselves in.

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